A way
A way
live performance
28 hours (Silvia Faggiani & Gabriella Goldsmith)

Silvia Faggiani, Italy

Silvia’s research at Sandberg focused on immaterial design thinking as it relates to sociality, organisations, businesses, and education institutions. Through her close involvement with the working group Overgraduation, she has developed embodied and speculative approaches to organizational and self-development theory. Rejecting the position of individual artistic authorship after graduation, Silvia’s contribution to the Challenging Jewellery exhibition at Het HEM consists of a live broadcast to her self-devised residency and workshop space in Italy, where audiences are able to follow Silvia with her as she works, eats, studies with fellow colleagues and peers. By subverting absence and refusal of the thesis show, and rendering the artwork as a portal to the outside world, Silvia asks complex questions about participation and the need to assert safe spaces within design education – and suggests that “graduating” may take many forms, including final departures.