A way
live performance
28 hours (Silvia Faggiani & Gabriella Goldsmith)

Gabriella Goldsmith (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Gabriella Goldsmith is a jewellery designer who rather abruptly relocated from Amsterdam back to Denmark during the COVID-crisis. A graduate from CSM’s BA Jewellery program, she is experienced in concept development and craftsmanship, and her “art jewellery” output has further led her to experimenting modes of exhibition/display during the Challenging Jewellery Master’s. Now at the end of her education, Gabriella is keen on embarking on her professional practice and starting a name-sake business with an identifiable product line – which is confronting her with new questions of value, time, distribution, sales: practice in general. During the Het HEM exhibition, Gabriella will live broadcast her exploration into the design process of her Ribbon Collection while in residence with fellow Challenging Jewellery student, Silvia Faggiani, at their self-devised art residency and workshop in Italy. During quarantine at her parents’ house, she discovered an old bag with ribbons that her mom had been collecting over the years, and Gabriella has imagined these relics come to life by weaving them into surreal sculptural pieces.