The temporary master's programme, Challenging Jewellery, focuses on building a persuasive collective. One that could be defined as both a corporate association and a movement, driven by a common interest in ‘team spirit’ and the relevance of the silent side of the beauty.

This programme facilitates the study of current notions of human need focused on objects. Further investigation also takes place in fields that need aesthetic support in order to allow ‘healing’; this may for example include employing aspects of jewellery in medical and political areas. The Temporary Programme challenges the subject of jewellery on a fundamental level – how it relates to our present time.

Veronika Fabian, Silvia Faggiani, Gabriella Goldsmith, Ting Gong, Eva van Kempen, Morgane de Klerk, Laila El Mehelmy, Marek Mrowinksi, Margaret Munchheimer, Stephanie Schuitemaker, Marilyn Volkman, Joanne Vosloo

Programme Directors:
BLESS (Desiree Heiss, Ines Kaag)

Sarah Mesritz

Interim Coordinator:
Marilyn Volkman

Supervisory Board:
Gijs Bakker, Ruudt Peters, Ted Noten, Liesbeth den Besten